Sunday, 6 May 2012

TRUE BLOOD | Eric Northman

I vampified Eric and quite like the results :)

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  1. love your sims in sims2 and sims3 . love true blood it one crazy show.the trueblood sims are great had to get them so i have an excuse to play a vamp now - mamx orange from canada

  2. hi again
    i download your eric sim and installed his save sim file manually into the saved sims folder. i had to. the sims3package had no sim file that i could install. it had the stuff he made with but no sim person file oops. i used custard mod to see inside to see if there were any. thank goodness you had a sim file of him though. i hate to say this but this happens a lot , ever since the pets sims3 came out. dont know why. i have download many of your sims and there are few that are missing the sim. if you share the sim file of the sim itself that would help a lot.your heath sim3package is either in there and not installing due to being corrupted or there just no sim in it. thought u might want to know. mamx orange

  3. thanks for letting me know - I will put up the Heath savedsims and re export him from the game on SU as soon as I can

  4. Ok he is all updated :)

  5. I can't find the link to download(((

  6. Hi there Nat!
    I absolutely adore all of your creations for the TS2 as well as TS3:) I'm sad to see Sims Urbania is no longer up and running. I was actually trying to get one of your creations for the TS2. His name is Rohan.

    Do you by any chance still have that file? I'd be truly grateful! The link has been removed it seems.