Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The other kids

As I was saying Felix was a bit of a wild young man before he settled down and here are the results of his philandering....

Eldest daughter Winona Wells, she was born to Cressida Wells who lodged with the Cook family next door to Felix


Felix then went on to have an affair with his married neighbour Amari Cook which resulted in Briana Cook being born


I changed Briana's hairstyle


Not satisfied with 2 daughters with 2 baby mammas Felix hits his hattrick with Melissa Smart, she gave birth to Sylvie Smart 


Once they reached Young Adult stage I moved them in together, more pics to follow :)

1 comment:

  1. Winona and Sylvie are just adorable. They're my faves of your gal sims.. not including Elspeth and Astrid. :) Actually I think Sylvie is my overall fave.

    Sylvie > Astrid > Elspeth > Winona

    But they're all so purty it's too close, lol.